Airbrush Tattoo Gun South Florida

Airbrush Tattoos South Florida Bar Mitzvahs

Our Airbrush Tattoo Display Includes:

1. Two Professionl Banner Displays

2 custom made Color Banners displaying hundreds of the hottest tattoo designs available.
Banners make it easy for your guests to choose from a wide assortment of tattoos and it is more professional looking.
We designed our own banner by 1st ordering all the hottest stencils from all the different companies that sell them, then we took images of all those stencils (tattoo designs) and created our own custom banners so your guests get to choose from the best selection of Tats anywhere!     
     Many companies don't even use banners which means guests may have to look thru a book 1 at a time which is slow. Multiple guests can simultaneously browse the designs on a banner so the artists can work faster. IMPORTANT: Most companies that have banners buy a premade banner purchased from an online company that sells both the stencils and banners as a kit. This is a quick and convenient way for someone to get into the business, but...

  • Their displays are limited to the stencils that particular company sells so they have less of a selection, AND since different companys have trademarked different tattoo designs you will not find a single company selling all the best designs. (That's why we made our own banner!)
  • Most premade banners look professional, but they contain very few actual "cool" stencil designs so your guests are getting a smaller selection.
  • Companies that sell these airbrush kits (banners w/ matching stencils) target carnivals and fairs so many of the choices on their banners have balloons, clowns, teddy bears, crucifixes, etc...these designs are great for 8 year olds at the south florida fair, but not for Bar/Bat Mitzvah age kids & adults. We paid attention to those details...why dont others?
  • Most companies that sell these banners want you to buy more than 1 so they put less choices on each banner. This is not always the case, but there are cool looking banners that have less than 25 designs on them!

We spent months designing our own banner displays b/c we think your party's worth it!

2. Largest Assortment of Stencil Designs
Quantity & Quality best describes our stencil selection! We thought about all the hottest stencils people ask for and we delivered! We have all the florida sport team logos; Gators, Seminoles, Hurricanes, Miami Heat, Marlins, Panthers, Dolphins, etc.... We have a wide selection of Tribal Tattoos, Tribal Armbands, Celtic Designs, Kanji Symbols, Famous Faces, Hearts, Roses, Skulls, Dragons, Dolphins, and Henna. We even have trademarked logos like Apple Computer, Superman, Batman, Bruce Lee, and more! For the Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs we have several Jewish Star designs, Chai's, the Hand of God, Israeli Flag, and more! No one has a better selection of tattoo designs for bar mitzvahs & bat mitzvahs!

3. Tiki Booth with 2 Bamboo Chairs (OPTIONAL)
Airbrush Tattoo Sample South Florida


Q: Are Airbrush Tattoos safe?
A: Yes. Our Airbrush Tattoo ink contains only FDA approved
ingredients, non-allergenic, and organic. All of our Tattoos are safe
and painless.

Q: How long do Airbrush Tattoos take to apply on a person?
A: It only takes one to three minutes to apply Airbrush Tattoos.

Q: How long do Airbrush Tattoos last?
A: Airbrush Tattoos last up to fourteen days depending on how
they are applied and cared for and what part of the body they are
applied to. Our ink is the highest quality, longest lasting Airbrush
Tattoo ink available in the world.

Q: Can you paint all your designs in any color?
A: Our Banner shows all the designs in black so it is easier to compare choices,
but we offer most colors and can even get glow-in-the-dark or UV reactive body paint!

Bar Mitzvah Entertainment provides the best in entertainment services for the cocktail hour at your Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, or other Special Event. Our services are available for just 1 hour or for the entire party.

We provide Photo Favors (Photo Novelties), Engraved Dog Tags & Keychains, AirBrush Tattoo Artists, AirBrush Party Favors (AirBrush Shirts, AirBrush Pillows, AirBrush Boxers, AirBrush Hats, etc....), 8 Player Video Game Systems, Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Slotless Car Racing Systems (Microreality), Basketball Pop-A-Shot, Air Hockey Tables, Giant Twister, Rice Jewelry, and more fun party options!

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